Zoggs employee walks 500 miles for charity

Zoggs marketing manager David Annand, from South Godstone, is set to walk a minimum of 500 miles in order to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Annand, 49, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June, 2011. By walking the equivalent distance of ‘London to Cardiff to Glasgow’, he hopes to raise awareness of the disease, which causes the death of one man every hour in the UK.

The marketing manager will be walking the distance over the space of a year, from March, 2012, to February, 2013.

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Annand said: “At a relatively young age, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was only identified through a routine blood test. After undergoing therapy in November 2011, I felt driven to do something to raise awareness of the disease and also to raise some funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity to help further research into treating advanced prostate cancer.

“By walking 500 miles, in a series of walks over the next 12 months, fitting it in between a busy career, I hope I will help raise both awareness to a much wider audience and valuable funds for the great work this charity do.”

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the UK. Every year in the UK, 37,000 men are diagnosed with the disease.

Annand’s first high profile walk will take place on April 14th at West Ham FC v Brighton FC in front of over 30,000 football fans.

He said: "Now, let’s just say that 80 percent of the 30,000 plus attending are adult males and on average one in nine of those will be affected at some stage by prostate cancer. That’s the best part of 3,000 men at that game alone. If I only get just one of those men to get themselves checked out before their prostate cancer becomes advanced then it will have been worth it!"

If you would like to sponsor David, please visit www.justgiving.com/david500miles.

To find out more about the Prostate Cancer Charity and the fantastic work they do, please visit www.prostate-cancer.org.uk.




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