Young lingerie retailer inspires budding entrepreneurs at start-up event

One of the youngest lingerie entrepreneurs in the industry shared her start-up story with budding business owners at a networking event in Bath this week.

Claudia May, who launched her namesake online lingerie store 12 months ago at the age of 20, appeared at the Yena event on Tuesday with the hope of inspiring other young entrepreneurs.

Yena was established to connect the next generation of business leaders at meet-ups in major cities across the country.

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May explained to guests how she decided to combine her passion for business and underwear after realising university wasn’t for her.

At the beginning of 2016, the opportunity came up to help an independent lingerie retailer set up her store in Bath. This motivated May to set up a business of her own.

“Through some contacts, I found out about the Moda Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham and without knowing what to expect, my Dad and I headed off on an adventure,” May said.

“By the end of the day I was so excited! I suddenly had access to all of these brands and felt like I had a great insight into how the industry worked.”

A few weeks later, May wrote her first blog post and started to build relationships on social media.

“I then spent hours on end researching the lingerie market, choosing the best products based on comfort, quality and fit,” she said.

“Once I announced my business on Facebook, the compliments and kindness from everyone was so overwhelming, I was not expecting such a huge response.

“I never imagined at 19 I would have founded a business and at 20 be launching one. Starting up this business has really helped me shape who I am and what I want to achieve from life.”



  1. Becky Parker said:

    So proud of what you’re achieving Claudia, can’t wait to see where the future takes you and CML!

  2. Val Huxley said:

    Delighted at what you have achieved to date Claudia. So glad to have you as a Member of Business against Poverty, making a difference worldwide.


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