Yes Master launches Black Label collection

Yes Master launched its new Black Label collection at London Fashion Week, this September.

The new luxury line, which ranges in price from £300 for a bra to £450 for a bodysuit, reportedly attracted a high level of interest at the show.

Founder and creative director Igor Pacemski said: “I have had orders, actually, which is very good and very rare at London Fashion Week. I have had orders in the Black Label collection.

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“Press-wise, it has been mad. We have received call-ins from Harpers, Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harpers Italy, Grazia, I mean everyone. They loved it.”

The Black Label collection, which will enter into stores early next year, was the culmination of a long-held dream for Pacemski, who wanted to secure his base product before manufacturing the expensive designs.

“The execution stage was only three weeks,” he told Lingerie Insight. “The thought process behind it was five years.”

The new range is one of three projects that Yes Master has recently been involved in. Others include this week’s launch at Ribgy & Peller and the entry of the brand’s swimwear into high street chain Urban Outfitters.



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