Xtra Life Lycra lasts longer in extreme testing

Consumer research by INVISTA has discovered that 97% of women prioritise the fit of their swimwear over all other attributes.

The study also revealed the punishing life of a typical swimsuit, highlighting the need for designers to use the best possible fabrics.

Women spend almost 40% of their time wearing swimsuits by a swimming pool, where the fabrics are exposed to damaging conditions, including sunscreen, pool water, perspiration, body oils, and heat.

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The swimsuits get little care, INVISTA’s research found, with only 53% of women washing their suits after use, and almost 40% waiting to wash or rinse their suits until after they’ve dried.

Almost four out of five women hope to wear their swimsuits for two or more seasons, but 71% admit they are disappointed when the suit begins to wear out prematurely.

Along with the survey results, INVISTA unveiled research that found Xtra Life Lycra fibre significantly extends the lifespan of material used in swimwear. In a test designed to replicate the punishment of a typical swimsuit, the company exposed garments to sunscreen and placed them in pool water for 10 days.

After 240 hours of exposure, Xtra Life Lycra fibre showed no breakage, while comparison swimwear showed significant breakage, the company claims.




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