Wundervoll ceases production

German lingerie brand Wundervoll has ceased production after failing to turn a profit for four consecutive years.

SS12 will be the last season for the designer label, which was founded in January, 2008, when it presented its first collection as part of Berlin Fashion Week.

The ‘Boogie’, ‘Rock n Roll’ and ‘Boom-Chic-A-Boom’ lingerie sets were reportedly ground-breaking in their style and quality from the beginning – and Wundervoll has sought to remain true to this philosophy.

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The brand was owned by Formesse, a bedroom textiles manufacturer with a long history, which was founded by Matthias Jaschke’s grandparents in 1947.

Founder Matthias Jaschke said: “Unfortunately, however, we failed to make a commercially successful brand out of our celebrated designer label. At the same time, the core business of Formesse developed to such an extent that it became increasingly difficult to manage the challenges faced by both areas.

“This is why I have reluctantly decided that the current spring / summer collection will be the last for Wundervoll. On behalf of the entire team at Wundervoll, I would like to thank you most kindly for your support during these fabulous and fascinating years. I would also like to say thank you to all those whose hard work has brought life to the idea of Wundervoll – especially Luise Blank (Design), Ulrike Kruse (Product) and my wife, Sonja (Marketing).”



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