World’s biggest bra sold at auction for £3,601

The world’s biggest bra has sold at auction, this month, for a whopping £3,601. bought the giant undies from as part of a charity auction, held for Breast Cancer Campaign’s annual ‘Wear it Pink’ event.

The 97 foot-wide garment, weighing in at more than 165 lbs, first garnered worldwide attention when it was fastened around London’s ITV Tower and it was bestowed the world record for largest bra in October of 2011.

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The 30 metre fluorescent pink bra was just one of several strange items sold for the charity.

Other lots reportedly included a lock of Justin Biebers hair, Britney Spear’s pregnancy test and Willian Shatner’s kidney stone were all snapped up by during the ten day EBay auction, which ended at 7pm on Sunday.

The bra was sold complete with its Guinness World Record certificate. It is not yet known what intends to do with the bra.’s Richard Allen, who conducted the purchase, said: "Breast cancer affects men and women and raising awareness is key. has mastered the art of guerilla marketing and we are never happier than when we find an opportunity to apply those skills to help make a better life for those in need."






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