World’s 1st fake tan tights launch on Tightsplease

The world’s first fake tan tights have launched exclusively at online hosiery retailer Tightsplease.

The patented hosiery product claims to provide a ‘perfect’ tan after just 10 minutes of wear.

After this period, the fake tan tights can be removed to allow the tan to fully develop over the next 2 hours.

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The hosiery works via a patented technology, which ensures microfibres in the tights are impregnated with tanning solution.

When these microfibres come into contact with skin, the tanning agent starts to develop, leaving the legs ‘perfectly’ tanned. The perfect balance of DHA, Aloa, Erythrulose and other proprietary ingredients reportedly combine to leave a smooth and even long lasting tan.

The tights by Skin Kiss, which elminate the need for rub in lotions, can be purchased for £7.99.

Previously, Skin Kiss introduced the Caffeine tights, which were impregnated with microcapsules of caffeine to break down cellulite.

When the tights are worn for 10 minutes, the caffeine is apparently released from the microcapsules into the skin, where it starts to break down the cellulite.

Worn daily for a three week period, many individuals have reportedly seen the benefit of a 2cm reduction on each thigh. The skin also allegedly appears smoother and softer to the touch.

These tights are available to purchase in packs of three for £25.48.



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