Working mum launches Mayfair Stockings web site

Raising a young family is enough of a challenge for most young mothers, but for Lucy Holmes, who took five years away from her career to raise two children, the experience merely fuelled her entrepreneurial spirit.

Her new venture, Mayfair Stockings, is an online store that offers upmarket hosiery brands including Le Bourget, Gio, Falke, Gerbe, Transparenze and Oroblu.

“Most women like to look their best, but finding luxury tights, hold ups and stockings is never easy. Even specialist department stores tend to stock a small number of products, with little choice when it comes to luxury brands,” Holmes explains.

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This happened so often that she decided to set up her own online boutique selling the premium brands of hosiery sourced from the fashion capitals of the world. "I have paid particular attention to the products available from France, Italy, the UK and Germany, where style and quality are the most important factors when it comes to finishing a woman’s outfit," she adds.




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