Wonderbra launches new website

A new website from Wonderbra is launching on April 19, serving customers in the UK and Ireland.

The new site, with the domain www.wonderbra.eu, showcases the full Wonderbra collection and replaces the previous website: www.wonderbra.co.uk.

In response to the continuous growth of e-commerce, the new site is transactional, allowing Wonderbra to effectively meet the needs of their target consumers who are reportedly heavy online users.

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A store finder on the site will also allow users to locate products on their local high-street or through online retailers. Traffic will be driven to the site via links on social media, search engine marketing, display activity and e-mail newsletters, resulting in a strengthened online presence for the brand.

The new website features the brand’s full range of products, modeled by the face of Wonderbra, Adriana Cernanova.

It also features regular competitions, articles containing outfit solutions and news, along with video content in the Get Inspired section of the site, which has social media sharing functions. The content on the new site closely echoes offline marketing activity allowing for full integration with Wonderbra’s marketing campaigns.

DB Apparel UK general manager Paul Devline said: “We are very excited about the new website – it is a great showcase for the brand and helps drive our digital strategy forward.”



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