Wolford targets shapewear market

Wolford is looking to cash in on the current shapewear trend with an extensive new range for SS12.

The brand has offered shaping products since it launched its Miss Wolford tights in 1977. However, Wolford is now looking to emphasise its extensive collection with a fresh take on the category.

The 2012 collection, launched this week in Austria, combines function with a high attention to fashion. A variety of new styles have also been launched for the season.

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These include new collections Satin Touch in legwear, and Tulle, Velvet Lace and Mystery in lingerie.

New shapes will be introduced to the Velvet, Opaque Naturel and Mat de Luxe ranges, and a new rose colour will be available as a nude alternative in a series of styles

In swimwear, Wolford will be introducing styles Capture, Estrella and Vernice.

To support its retailers, Wolford will also be introducing a new collection structure, which will divide the product range into three areas: light, medium and strong.

The three categories will be incorporated into all the brand‘s packaging, which will feature a red strip across the top for the new season to help differentiate it at point of sale.

At the collection launch, Wolford chief executive Holger Dahmen spoke exclusively told Lingerie Insight. He said: "It is a logical development within the Wolford range. We are adding something to the existing Shape and Control line, which makes it broaders, more round, more complete. It also offers us, particularly with regards to department stores, a broader range of products to occupy more space, which is important to us. It puts more emphasis on the entire selection of Wolford and makes it clear that we are significantly more than just legwear.

"Within the segment of lingerie, the shaping and controlling is very important to us. We believe in the future of shaping and forming, and we believe we have a genuine role to play in that segment. I also believe shapewear will help us increase the lingerie category, that now makes up 10 percent of the overall range, to between 14 and 16 percent in the next two to three years time."

Preview the new collection here.



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