Wolford global marketing campaign gains momentum

Wolford is about to kick off the next stage of its international brand awareness campaign with the launch of a billboard advert in Times Square, New York, and a European pop-up shop tour.

For the next seven weeks, a 12 meter high illuminated billboard on one of the most photographed traffic intersections of the world will showcase the Wolford campaign “The unforgettable touch” – coupled with an invitation to visit the brand’s website and local boutiques.

In line with its strategic refocussing, Wolford is increasing its marketing and public presence in key markets.

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The brand’s first pop-up store, which has been open in Milan’s main railway station for two months, will close on November 25, but this successful retail concept will now start a European tour, with a new store opening in Amsterdam on December 1.

The pop-up will be open at Schiphol Airport for one month, and locations for further stores are under discussion.

Wolford has also made its presence known in Paris over the last two weeks, with public buses touring the city with different Wolford campaign image plastered on them each day.



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