Who Made Your Pants? starts crowdfunding campaign

Who Made Your Pants? has raised 20 percent of the money needed to purchase a new machinery and training materials, during the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign.

The social business develops skills by developing new products and needs a new machine to teach a new skill.

Who Made Your Pants? managing director Becky John said: “This new machine will be used in our third design, developed specifically to teach versatility, precision and attention to detail – core employability skills. We’re just doing it, as we do with everything, through the power of pants. Every single pledge helps us support our amazing team.”

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Who Made Your Pants? is using the Buzzbnk crowdfunding platform to raise £6000, something the company claims can be done by just 105 people.

The campaign is live now at buzzbnk.org/wmyp and will remain so for 41 days. Pledges start from £0 (to be a cheerleader) or £15, for which the contributor will receive a thank you card and discount code.

There are also various intermediate levels all the way up to £300, for which the contributor receives hand delivery of pants to London, tea at the Royal Society for the Arts, a limited edition shirt, new pants, current pants and a thank you card.





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