Westminster tops UK lingerie making league table

Westminster has been named the UK capital of underwear production, putting it ahead of Leicester in the British league table.

The London borough is famous for the Houses of Parliament and other important landmarks like Trafalgar Square and St James’ Park. And now it has lingerie to add to the list, with no fewer than 15 manufacturers based there, according to figures obtained by getwestlondon.

It means there are 6.4 underwear makers for every 100,000 people in Westminster – the second highest rate in the UK behind the City of London.

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Surprisingly, Leicester, the home of De Montfort University, which runs the oldest intimate apparel design course in the world, was ranked second in the league table with 14 manufacturers, while Barnet, a suburban borough of North London is third in the list.

London has the highest rate of underwear manufacturers for any region of the UK, with 1.6 for every 100,000 people, followed by the East Midlands in second, claims getwestlondon, which obtained the figures following analysis of data from Companies House.

The research doesn’t indicate whether wholesalers were included in the league table.

The UK as a whole there were 294 underwear manufacturing companies, the data shows. Of these companies, 225 specialised in women’s underwear, 47 in men’s underwear while the remaining 22 companies made pants for both sexes.



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