VS ranked second on top 50 Facebook retailers list

Victoria’s Secret has been ranked second in a list of the top 50 US retailers on Facebook in a report published by social media expert Expion.

The F.A.V.E 50 Social Retail report ranks retailers according to how engaging their Facebook posts were during the first half of 2013.

Tiffany & co. topped the engagement list and edged out retail Goliath Walmart thanks to aspirational and image driven posts.

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Walmart published more posts and had more fans than any other retailer, but it generated less engagement or ‘fan actions’ per post than both Tiffany and Victoria’s Secret.

According to the report, Victoria’s Secret had 18,562 fan actions per post in H1 2013, compared to 11,461 fan actions received by Walmart.

This is despite the lingerie brand only posting 472 posts during that period, while Walmart posted 1,043 posts.

Tiffany received 28,741 fan actions per post and created only 186 posts.



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