VS campaign sparks consumer backlash

More than 8000 people have signed a petition demanding that Victoria’s Secret apologise for its Perfect Body advertising campaign.

The petition, launched by three students from Leeds, criticises the marketing campaign for sending out a “damaging message” by failing to “celebrate the amazing diversity of women’s bodies”.

“Victoria’s Secret is hugely popular among young women, and they have a crucial responsibility to not use harmful and unhealthy ideas to market their products. We would like Victoria’s Secret to take responsibility for their irresponsibility,” the group writes.

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"We’re asking them to change the advertisements and pledge not to use such marketing in the future."

The underwear campaign, which has been facing a backlash on Twitter through the hash tag "#iamperfect," features three slim Victoria’s Secret models sporting the company’s latest "Body" bra with the slogan "The Perfect ‘Body’" emblazoned over them.



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