Virgin Trains uniforms not bra friendly

Problems concerning company uniforms have left Virgin Trains in hot water with female employees.

The uniform tops are made from thin fabric unable to adequately conceal dark-coloured bras, according to an article in the Daily Mail, forcing the expense of new lingerie onto women staffers. To help defray costs, Virgin is providing €20 vouchers to cover the price of uniform-friendly underwear.

The company’s business support director, Andy Cross, told the Daily Mail that Virgin Trains has "always envisaged that we would need to review the situation once people started wearing their new uniforms, and accept this as an important part of the uniform trial."

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However, some employees, and the rail union TSSA, are not satisfied with the voucher, stating it doesn’t fully cover the cost of a quality bra. The union also believes the uniforms should be withdrawn and replaced to preserve "dignity and professionalism."



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