VIDEO: Mimi Holliday puts bloggers in the spotlight to engage with customers

London-based luxury lingerie brand Mimi Holliday has recruited an influential blogger in order to grow its reach and engage with its customers.

The company, which will be hosting AW18 appointments at its flagship store in London for the first time this season, has announced it will be releasing a weekly series of vlogs featuring a Made In Chelsea alumni Gemma Gregory.

Gregory’s series of vlogs for Mimi Holliday, which launches today, features the blogger interviewing special guests, including Jodie Kidd and Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue, to discuss lingerie and Mimi Holliday.

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The Mimi team first met Gregory, an actress known for her work on the BBC’s Great expectations and early episodes of Made in Chelsea TV series, in 2016 when she became the face of the Mimi Holliday campaign for the SS16 season.

Mimi Holliday’s creative director, Damaris Evans, told Lingerie Insight: “Mimi hopes by doing this series to invite our customers and followers into the world of Mimi to experience the new store, where the interviews take place, as well as the shopping experience being a fun and playful one where women can feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in Mimi’s expert fit and playful designs.

“The message is that Mimi is diverse, we cater to all shapes and sizes and it’s a window into Mimi’s world as well as a rare opportunity to see and experience the designer’s hands on approach to Mimi as well as our winning formula and designs.”

View the first video below.



  1. Damaris evans said:

    James Bond and knickers has been done before but with JODIE KIDD, now that’s a triple whammy MIMI STYLE! Thank you so much Gemma for bringing the gorgeous and wonderful Jodie Kidd to Mimi’s HQ in Primrose Hill!
    The owner of the car is also called James….. and a few weeks ago
    Asked if I wanted to use his James Bond Lotus Esprit (actually one of my favourite cars of all time) in one of my lingerie shoots(classic guys fantasy!) and of course in Mimi’s world that would not be how we Mimi girls roll. So I thanked him profusely and politely declined. But, then I asked if we could possibly hold one one of our Gemma blogs IN and ON the car… which he said yes to!!
    James Bond was my ultimate hero when growing up, I didn’t watch any TV at all apart from Bond, Dallas and Dynasty… no wonder I ended up with two lingerie brands!
    I hope you enjoy it as much as we all enjoyed working on it.
    Thank you all for the fun!
    Damaris x

  2. Cheryl G DeMille said:

    That was fun. Gemma was so relaxed. A natural at the interviewing lark. The lingerie is adorable. And Jodie Kidd comes across as a lovely sympatico person. Unicorns…..want one.


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