VIDEO: Graduate designer creates lingerie line using a 3D printing pen

A textile design graduate has stepped outside of the box and unveiled a lingerie line constructed using a 3D printing pen.

Eden Saadonv, a 27-year-old Israeli designer, experimented with various techniques during her studies and chose to produce a line of feminine hand-made lace undergarment items, using a single tool; a three-dimensional drawing pen, for her final project.

The Flexy Black collection was created using a 3Doodler pen, which does not produce any waste, is bio-degradable, and environmental-friendly.

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Saadonv said: “The notion of a machine that upgrades human skills and yet allows maintaining a unique personal handwriting in a world where technology and automation replace human labor excites me as a designer,” said the designer.

“I think that the novelty of my designs come from the fact that the 3D drawing makes the fabric itself, there are no stiches and the garment takes the body shape during the process of the drawing and is custom-made for a specific person (without the use of a layout).”

A video illustrating Saadonv’s production process can be found below.







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