Victoria’s Secret sparks controversy

A letter written by an American father, denouncing a Victoria’s Secret plan to release a line of underwear aimed at a younger market, is making waves on the web.

Describing himself as “sick” at the idea of preteen girls in lacy underwear bearing naughty messages, Evan Dolive posted the letter on his blog, saying he’d rather his daughter focus on education and bettering the world. His missive has garnered plenty of media attention, igniting a debate over young women and sexuality.

The collection in question, titled “Bright Young Things,” will offer lacy underwear emblazoned with the word “wild,” a polka dot pair reading “feeling lucky?” and a thong stamped with “call me.”

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In response, Victoria’s Secret stated the collection is targeted at college-aged women, not young teens, and is a reference to the “spring break tradition,” according to the Huffington Post.



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