Victoria’s Secret meets with UK 3D printing firm

Manchester fabric manufacturer Tamicare is said to be in talks with Victoria’s Secret to create lingerie for the American brand by way of 3D printing.

Tamicare uses a special process it calls Cosyflex that utilises 3D printing to create fabric. The process allows the company to create fabric faster than traditional methods.

To test out the Cosyflex technology, Tamicare has created a range of pants, which take just three seconds each to print, and according to a report in the Daily Mail it is in talks with Victoria’s Secret.

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The super-fast technology would allow Tamicare to produce up to 10 million pairs of pants a year in materials such as natural latex and cotton. It is now working on producing lingerie lines made using Cosyflex and said that initial ranges will be targeted at women with a heavy menstrual flow. A line of underwear developed for sportswear could be set to follow.

Tamicare presented the fabric technology at a textiles conference in the US where it was spotted by buyers from Victoria’s Secret, who have since had a tour of the Manchester factory. It said that 30 other companies have shown an interest in the technology.



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