Victoria’s Secret lingerie ad on ‘haunted’ ship

Movie maker Michael Bay has chosen to direct the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie commercial onboard a ‘haunted’ ship.

The director, who is best known for his work on the Transformers movie, staged the shoot in the cabins of the Queen Mary.

Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman was convinced she saw ghosts in the vessel, which is which is anchored in Long Beach, California.

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She said: "I was actually the first one here and the call time was at 5:30am, and the lady’s (Bay’s assistant) like, ‘You know it’s haunted.

Do I know it’s haunted?’ And she walked me into our dressing room and I’m like, ‘I know you’re not leaving me alone’.

"I was in there literally 10 minutes and I promise you I saw a ghost. I saw a couple of ghosts."

The new bra campaign focuses on "five ways to be incredible with five different styles."

View the latest viral clip from the brand below:



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