Vanilla Blush up for two Glasgow business awards

Vanilla Blush, a Scottish retail brand specialising in lingerie and swimwear for people who have had a colostomy or ileostomy, has been nominated for two prestigious business awards.

The company has been named a finalist for the Best Performing Business and Excellence in Communications categories by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2015.

The winners will be announced on October 1 at a ceremony at Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel.

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Vanilla Blush, which was crowned Post Surgery Brand of the Year at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards, was founded by Nicola Dames in 2008, two years after having her own stoma surgery.

Dames vowed to banish “Bridget Jones” knickers and design smart underwear for men and women who have undergone stoma surgery.

Vanilla Blush became a limited company in 2013 and opened Europe’s first specialist underwear shop for stoma users a year later, bringing glamour into the lives of people who are perhaps struggling with body issues.

Commenting on the award nominations, Dames said: “We are delighted to be nominated for these two prestigious awards and are particularly delighted to be finalist in two categories. It’s a reflection on our team’s hard work, good business sense and a real desire to enhance the lives and boost the self-confidence of Stoma users.”

Simon Dames, director of Global Communications, said: “We have used a variety of media platforms from traditional print to social media to tell our excellent business and personal care story and we’re very excited to be on the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce award shortlist for 2015.

“But what is important is that our business and our brand has been a force for change, in which having a stoma is no longer seen as a hushed issue about victimhood, now it’s seen as a public discussion on fashionhood.”




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