Vanilla Blush supports Glasgow Living Wage rise

Scottish lingerie brand Vanilla Blush has gone public in its support of the rise of the Glasgow Living Wage.

The post-surgery label, which owns a store in the East End of Glasgow, spoke in favour of increasing the Living Wage to £8.25 from £7.85 in April 2016.

Vanilla Blush CEO Nicola Dames, said: "At Vanilla Blush we try to adopt a vision that places the idea of ‘ownership’ as being more about entrustment, one which is more gravitated towards authority than power.

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"We genuinely believe that ethical business makes for good business, and that there is no zero-sum game between employer and employee.

"It is for this reason that we at Vanilla Blush felt it is important to join and promote the Living Wage through Glasgow City Council."

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Frank McAveety, who won the UK’s Council of the Year 2015, said: “At a time when we are seeing an unwelcome increase in in work poverty I am absolutely delighted that Vanilla Blush has signed up to the Glasgow Living Wage, which is £7.85, and will increase to £8.25 from 1 April 2016.

"Given the challenging economic climate it is particularly heartening that Vanilla Blush recognise that paying the Glasgow Living Wage is the right thing to do and that it benefits both employees and employers."

He continued: "Vanilla Blush also prove that you can still be a very successful retailer and pay your staff the Living Wage and I hope that other retailers will follow their example.

"In signing up to the Glasgow Living Wage, Vanilla Blush join with 385 other Glasgow Living Wage employers who have also signed up to the Glasgow Living Wage."



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