Vanilla Blush promotes colostomy underwear on TV

A designer specialising in colostomy underwear appeared on an Irish breakfast TV programme this morning to promote her garments.

Nicola Dames, owner of Glasgow-based boutique Vanilla Blush, spoke to presenters on Ireland:AM about living with a stoma and the underwear line she created to help others who have undergone stoma surgery.

She was joined by one of her models, Sandra Farmer, who also has a stoma, to promote the range, which includes high-rise, vintage style knickers made with an internal pocket that is designed to conceal a stoma bag.

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Dames launched Vanilla Blush online in 2008, two years after undergoing stoma surgery. Then, in April this year, she opened the first boutique in Europe to specialise in colostomy underwear.

“After surgery, the issue wasn’t even me having a bag, it was the fact that you could see the bag on show,” she said.

“None of us have a issue with talking to people about having a stoma, but some people have an issue with having it on show and they want to feel more feminine by not having it on show, and that’s what I do.”



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