Vanilla Blush celebrates European knicker invasion

Post-surgery brand Vanilla Blush has released a new video to promote its continued expansion into Europe.

The video, which features an interview with Government Minister for Europe, Humza Yousaf MSP, celebrates the brand’s expansion into Denmark after launching in the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany earlier this year.

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Speaking exclusively to Lingerie Insight, Vanilla Blush CEO Nicola Dames announced the company’s latest contract in Denmark: "The Vanilla Blush European knicker invasion continues unashamedly across the continent. Today I am delighted to announce that Denmark is to be announced as the latest country to go Vanilla Blush.

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"From September 2015, from Denmark to Portugal, with stop-offs in The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, the Vanilla Blush brand will be available through suppliers in those countries."

Dames added: "And our top line is always the same, as long as we have a big market of people who do not have a Stoma buying the Vanilla Blush product then we know we are supplying those people, who do have a Stoma, with the underwear and swimwear they deserve."

The new video also marks the first anniversary of Vanilla Blush’s stoma underwear and swimwear store in Glasgow – the first to open in Europe.



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