Vanessa Simmons develops intimate apparel brand

MTV icon Vanessa Jean Simmons is expanding her fast-growing business empire with the launch of her own intimate apparel label.

The Rose by Vanessa Jean brand, which will make its debut at Mercedes Fashion Week in Miami, includes swimwear and lingerie lines, and has been developed in conjunction with fashion entrepreneur Daymond John.

Simmons says that the garments will celebrate the unique silhouettes and styles of ordinary women. “An item as visible and personal as swimwear and as intimate as lingerie should reflect who we are as individuals. I understand that every woman is shaped differently, and is different, and that’s exactly what I want to celebrate with my line," she explains.

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Mr. John describes how he has been inspired by the entrepreneurship that the brand’s founder has demonstrated over recent years. “We’ve all seen Vanessa grow up in front of the camera. We’ve witnessed her transformation from a smart girl, to fashion expert, and into a beautiful, savvy business women. She clearly has become an influence to many. With that said, it’s always been my philosophy that the easiest thing to sell is the truth…I’m very excited to assist her in growing her personal brand and continue her transformation into a business leader, trend setter and Shark both in front and behind the camera," he enthuses.

The global public profile of Simmons could make this latest venture a world-wide smash, according to brand analysts.

The actress, model, designer, black icon and entrepreneur, has two hit reality shows on MTV. She is also co-founder of womenswear brand, Pastry, along with her sister Angela which, after just five years trading, boasts sales of over $70 million world-wide.

Details of the first collection are expected to emerge this month, but Simmons offers a few clues in her introduction to the Rose brand: “A Rose is reminiscent of a woman, very beautiful to look at, but – like a rose which has thorns – a woman has flaws and imperfections that make our story… which makes us imperfectly perfect," she teases.




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