US firm creates gun holster bra

US law enforcement supplier Looper Law Enforcement has created the first gun holster bra.

The Flashbang bra, which was the brainchild if owner Lisa Looper, is attached with a thermoplastic shell that is able to store one of more than 20 hand gun styles already on the market.

The mother of two told ABC: “I really never intended to create a holster line, that was never something that I wanted to do. I just did this for myself but as I was talking to other women, they were like ‘oh my gosh, this is great, I have the same problem.’

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“It was kind of like, where can I put this thing so it won’t show.”

The unique garment’s slogan is: ‘Nothing comes between a girl and her gun.’

The Flashbang bra retails for $40 online and the average firing time is around 1.5 seconds.

Flashbang demo:

Flashbang advert:









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