Unpredicted riots at Victoria’s Secret

Toxic tales at Victoria’s Secret might have upset models, but the customers kept flocking in the US on Black Friday.

The recent furore prompted by Greenpeace’s report Toxic Threads, which named Victoria’s Secret as one of 20 brands using toxic chemicals in its products, reported in Lingerie Insight last week, is said to have upset its more eco-aware models such as Miranda Kerr, who has an organic skincare brand called KORA Organics, and is a global ambassador for the WWF initiative Earth Hour.


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There has been speculation that Kerr might drop her association with the brand, but when Lingerie Insight spoke to the company we were told that neither party would comment.

The dubious publicity seems to have had little effect on Black Friday’s trading though: a video emerged online of two customers exchanging blows over a garment in a California store.

Whether there have been any immediate or long-term effects on trading in Britain remains to be seen: Victoria’s Secret is not releasing figures on its first few weeks’ trading at the new Bond Street flagship.



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