Underwear brand partners with high school on Calais refugee mission

The brains behind the mission: Jenna Barnes’ daughter Lili Raine.

The founder of independent lingerie brand Raine & Bea has collaborated with a Lancashire high school on its mission to send underwear to refugees in Calais.

Jenna Barnes is helping her daughter Lili Raine and her class mates at Ribblesdale High in Clitheroe to design and make underwear that can be sent to refugee camps on the border of France.

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After arranging for the family to donate some of their own clothes to migrants, 12 year-old Lili Raine hit upon the idea of making underwear via her mum’s label and involving some of her fellow students to help design some boxer shorts for the refugees who have travelled for weeks with no change of clothes.

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The students work together to design a print.

“Lili Raine had become aware of the desperate situation of the refugees through a friend of my husband who volunteers at the camps in Northern France,” said Jenna.

The students began by painting anti-war messages of hope and peace on the shorts. Jenna then ran a series of classes to teach the students the manufacturing skills needed.

The school has since asked Lili Raine to deliver a talk about the project in assembly.


“Lili Raine has always been passionate about raising awareness for the refugee crisis and we were fortunate to have the project documented by The Action House to help spread the message,” said Jenna.

Raine & Bea would like to inspire other lingerie brands to also donate any old or unwanted stock to help the refugees stranded in Northern France. For more information, please email: info@raineandbea.com.



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