Ultimo partners with body confidence expert to promote Best Shape campaign

Best Shape competition winners star in Ultimo’s photoshoot.

British lingerie brand Ultimo has joined forces with psychologist and body confidence expert, Dr Linda Papadopoulos, to help women across the UK celebrate their natural body shape.

The brand’s new Best Shape campaign encourages women to give up the search for the ‘perfect’ body in favour of accepting – and loving – their own shape.

Through the campaign, Ultimo aims to promote a varied lingerie collection that fits and flatters and allows everyone to discover their best shape.

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The brand has also invited six competition winners – who were in need of a confidence boost and wanted to discover their best shape – for a VIP photoshoot to celebrate the campaign.

As part of the campaign, the competition winners wore Ultimo shapes under party dresses.

As part of the campaign, the competition winners wore Ultimo shapes under party dresses.

“The UK is suffering under a crisis of body confidence, 16 million people in the UK feel depressed because of how they look, a fifth are skipping meals to lose weight and 18 million, seemingly paradoxically, do not exercise owing to body image anxiety”, said Dr Linda, who has worked with Ultimo to craft its Best Shape campaign and offered her expert insight on the issue.

“In my work both as researcher and a clinician, I see the consequences of a conception of self-worth that overvalues appearance and indeed makes women feel that they need to adhere to a very narrow version of what it means to be attractive,” she added.

“Because the visual has taken such a precedent in our day to day lives we’ve ended up with a situation where young women are trying to emulate beauty ideals rather than developing a sense of self-worth around their own appearance. This obsession with the search for the ‘perfect’ body means that many women lose sight of the amazing natural shape they have. They view their bodies for what they aren’t rather than learning to value them for what they are.”

Sharon Bell, head of product and design at Ultimo said: “Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do and from the very first sketch, we design lingerie with Best Shape in mind. Great fitting underwear transforms the way a garment sits on the body but can also change your mind set, empowering you to feel fabulous no matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing.

“To bring Best Shape to life, we gave six lucky ladies from across the UK a much needed confidence boost and helped to find them lingerie that allowed them to show off their best bits. Hearing stories about their own struggles with body confidence was hugely inspiring and we hope will encourage other women to celebrate their own shape”.



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