UKLA JUDGE: 5 minutes with Kelly Dunmore

Kelly Dunmore, chief lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller UK, was part of the judging panel that oversaw the brand categories of the 2015 UK Lingerie Awards. She says lingerie brands don’t stand a chance of success unless they can offer a point of difference.

What did you most enjoy about judging the UK Lingerie Awards?

I enjoyed having exposure to new brands, some of which I wasn’t familiar with. I also loved meeting the other ladies on the panel.

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Which category impressed you the most and why?

Boudoir has always been a personal favourite of mine. However, I really loved seeing the new designers coming through. I was really impressed with Selina Bond, who designed a corset made out of fibre glass.

Based on the entries you judged, what design trends or behaviours are likely to shape the market in 2016?

Feminine lingerie styles will encourage the empowerment of women. I also think that brands are embracing the larger-cup market, providing a vast choice of sizes versus price. We saw this coming through primarily from the larger businesses, such as F&F.

How can a lingerie brand stand out in the market from its competitors?

They need to offer something that is different. Curvy Kate’s new line [Scantilly] is exciting and offers something risky for a fuller cup, built on a successful brand image.

What three factors make a commercially successful lingerie line?

Offering a point of difference to the market, be that though innovation and design, size range, price or use of fabric.



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