UKLA JUDGE: 5 minutes with Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman will join F1-Generation from Bendon on June 30.

Emma Chapman, key accounts manager at Bendon, was part of the judging panel that oversaw the retailer categories of the 2015 UK Lingerie Awards. She insists that it’s no longer enough just to produce beautifully-designed lingerie anymore – retailers have to be on the money when it comes to social media.

Why are the UK Lingerie Awards important to today’s industry?

Lingerie isn’t just about buying something sexy – it’s important that women know their bra size and are wearing the correct size to give proper support. The awards raise awareness about style and necessity, which I think people forget. Bras don’t have to be ugly and useful, they can change a woman’s confidence when worn properly.

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Based on the entries you judged, what retail trends are likely to shape the market in 2016?

I expect to see innovation in the design of larger cups and more personalisation with the fit, colour and style.

How can lingerie retailers stand out in the market from their competitors?

By having an impeccable social media strategy. The competition is so fierce at the moment and beautifully-designed lingerie isn’t enough anymore. Social media can convey your brand’s ethos through a different medium and you can extend your customer base one thousand-fold if you know what you’re doing.

What three factors make a successful lingerie retailer?

Innovation, organisation and a thoroughly knowledgeable and dedicated team.



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