UKLA JUDGE: 5 minutes with Ann-Marie Manley

Ann-Marie Manley, head of marketing at Wacoal Europe, was part of the judging panel that oversaw the retailer categories of the 2015 UK Lingerie Awards. She says cutting-edge, stylish and high quality designs hold the key to retail success.

What did you most enjoy about judging the UK Lingerie Awards?

There really were some fantastic entries, so it really was a hard decision.

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What were the key trends or themes that struck you from judging the entries?

Investment in environment, enhancing customers’ shopping experience and enhancing the shop floor as well as service.

Why are the UK Lingerie Awards important to today’s industry?

They are a great opportunity to celebrate the successes in our industry.

How can a lingerie retailer stand out in the market from its competitors?

Staying innovative and offering cutting-edge, stylish and high quality product as well as providing the best choice of unique brands that will excite customers.



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