UK women seek comfort for Valentines

A report by Twenga search engine has revealed that women in the UK, France and Germany are putting comfort first this Valentine’s Day.

Women in all three countries have made the panty the number one search, with items such as thegirdle, control briefs and high-waisted knickers featuring in the top ten of each of the lists.

The micro-thong proves more popular among French and German women, however, holding a top three place in both countries, with British women instead opting for the more comfortable boy shorts.

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TOP 10 most searched for women’s lingerie products

  UK France Germany
1 Panty Panty Panty
2 Women’s boxer shorts Micro-thong High waisted knickers
3 Girdle Women’s boxer shorts Micro-thong
4 Slip Slip Tanga
5 French knickers Boy shorts Slip
6 Control briefs Thong Thong
7 Brazilian knickers Girdle Girdle
8 Tanga Tanga Control briefs
9 High waisted knickers High waisted knickers Women’s boxer shorts
10 Micro-thong Control briefs High leg briefs




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