UK shapewear agent expands its portfolio

CurvesLine, a distributor of shapewear operating in the UK and Ireland, has added Colombian brand Ann Chery to its portfolio.

Adding to its success as the exclusive distributor of Brazilian shapewear brand Esbelt, the company will introduce Ann Chery shapewear to British and Irish retailers.

Ann Chery is renowned for designing and developing compression bodyshapers, girdles and shorts.

It also produces a range of waist cinchers in bright colours and prints, alongside latex bodyshapers in black and white.

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CurvesLine director Peter Oldham said: “We are very pleased to announce that we are now official distributors of the Ann Chery brand throughout the UK and Ireland. As consumer trends have changed over the last few years, we have seen an upsurge in demand for not only beautiful shapewear items but also ones which are functional and effective.

“Shapewear now needs to tick every box for the consumer – it’s all about results – and we feel that Ann Chery are perfectly placed to meet this demand. Ann Chery have been serving the US market with great success, but we feel that the brand has not yet been fully established here within the UK. It is our vision that we can establish this top quality Colombian export within the UK, better serving the need for high-compression, functional and fashionable shapewear throughout the UK.“



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