UK Lingerie Awards Twittersphere swells to 1000

The UK Lingerie Awards Twitter feed has topped 1,000 followers.

The social network news feed is followed by brands, retailers and consumers that use it to promote their own claims to an award this year, and to follow all the gossip and news about the event.

A public vote for three categories in the UK Lingerie Awards has prompted brands and retailers to encourage people to vote for them.

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Tagging their marketing efforts with the UK Lingerie Awards Twitter tag helps the public click straight through to the awards voting web site.

Lingerie Insight, which will co-host the UK Lingerie Awards with its partners, has an additional 2,636 Twitter followers and almost 1,400 Facebook fans.

In the first ten days of the public vote running on the UK Lingerie Awards web site, over 1,358 unique individuals have cast over 3,400 votes, making it already one of the most comprehensive research studies into the UK lingerie market, ever.




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