UK employees say one-off perks do not improve long-term satisfaction

A bikes-for-work organisation Cyclescheme launched a survey to determine how employees feel about one-off perks.

Of the 1000 participants of the survey almost half (47%) believe their employer uses one-off perks to compensate staff for working long hours.

Of the 50% of respondents that receive these perks, such as staff lunches and early finishes, there is a divide over the impact. While 15% believe these benefits would lead to a happier experience at work, over twice as many (43%) do not think that these perks have a sustained impact on their happiness.

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A further 28% said they prefer more time to switch off mentally rather than receive a one-off benefit.

Adrian Warren, director at Cyclescheme, said (as reported by Employee Benefits): “It’s clear that not enough employers are helping employees get the right benefits that make a genuine impact on their health and happiness. In an uncertain economic climate, [organisations] must do more to listen to what employees want and give them initiatives that will have a lasting impact on their wellbeing.”



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