Tutti Rouge leads police on a wild cleavage chase

Lingerie brand Tutti Rouge is in trouble with the law – but fortunately for the brand it’s all in the name of promoting its new ‘Jessica’ bra.

The company has released a special two-minute ‘illegal cleavage’ video to highlight its AW15 collection’s star piece and, in the brand’s own words, it features “incredible cleavage, a police car and several twitching curtains behind the scenes”.

The playful video, which is inspired by vintage silent films, was filmed to highlight the cleavage-boosting properties of the latest design.

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Those who know the team behind the brand will recognise some familiar faces on the film, including Tutti’s own creative director Jessica Prebble as a sassy Scientist and commercial director Mark Pyne as a curious copper.

Tutti Rouge claims the new Jessica collection is the world’s first non-padded plunge bra with removable ‘Tutti’s boosters’, available to a HH cup.

You can view the video here.



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