Tutti Rouge founder named world-wide agent for innovative beachwear accessory

The founder of fuller bust brand Tutti Rouge has been named the world-wide agent for Halto, the manufacturer of a new product designed to alleviate neck pain caused by halter neck swimwear.

Developed by sisters Lerryn Ryall and Lucy Cox from Cornwall, Halto is a cushion-like device designed to prevent the tie-knot in halter neck swimwear from digging into the skin.

The beachwear accessory is also designed to redistribute the weight of the wearer’s breasts away from the straps.

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“The average bra size in the UK is a 34DD, with a total ‘boob’ weight of approximately 7lbs. With a halter neck style, the wearer is bearing around 85% of that weight around their necks. Consider that most bikini straps are very thin and have a knot-tie resting on the sensitive part of the neck, and you can start to see the problem,” explained Lucy Cox.

“Symptoms range from redness and bruising where the garment ‘digs in’, to much more serious complaints of blistering, headaches and musculoskeletal damage.”

Already stocked by fuller bust lingerie and swimwear retailer Bravissimo, the brand has plans to expand on a global level.

Lerryn Ryall said: “Results from our national market research fundamentally changed the potential for this product, taking it from a niche offering to an international, mass-market product.

“The research also highlighted that around 80% of the swimwear available on the UK high street for the last two years running has been of halter neck design, offering very little choice for women who find them uncomfortable, or even unbearable.”

Jessica Prebble, the founder of Tutti Rouge, will act as the world-wide agent for Halto, presenting the product line to buyers and stores.

“We love this product,” she said. “Its ergonomic design spreads the pressure from the cord tie from the nape of the neck over a larger area. Its imple, stylish and very effective.”



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