Triumph unveils tourist brassiere in Tokyo

Triumph International Japan unveiled a concept brassiere this week in an attempt to reflect the increasing number of foreign tourists to the country.

The dark blue bustier incorporates a holder at the stomach which features an image of one of six major tourism spots, including Mt. Fuji, the Senso temple and Akihabara electronics shopping area.
Six different types of padding for the bra, shaped to portray the areas, can be fastened onto the map to indicate location.

The bustier also includes three buttons which, when pushed, play the message ‘Welcome to Japan’ in English, Chinese or Korean, and a matching wrap-around skirt flips up to reveal a map of Japan in the lining.

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The bra is the latest of Triumph’s unique brassiere series – announced twice a year to reflect current trends – and is not for sale. Previous series have included a solar-powered bra and a rice-growing bra, which came complete with two plant pots, soil and seedlings.



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