Triumph unveils messages in a bra for Japan

Triumph has unveiled a bra which carries messages of support from overseas as the country seeks to re-build after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that struck two months ago.

The white bustier and matching skirt feature multiple messages from 36 countries, alongside the flag of each nation.

The epistles range in content from good wishes through to promises of support, such as the ‘Japan, with you 100%’ inscribed by France.

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Almost 26,000 people were killed or missing after the disaster, which went onto to trigger the biggest nuclear scare since Chernoyl in 1986.

Alluding to this, Greece wrote: "Our thoughts are with you! Future without nuclear power, for our children!"

The product, like the solar powered bra and ‘Welcome to Japan’ bra before it, is a concept design and will not be for sale.

The idea was reportedly inspired by the messages of support that Triumph in Japan received from branch companies around the world, along with relief supplies.

Hikaru Kawai, 20, modelled the outfit; she told Reuters: "I read each message myself, and I realized that everyone around the world is sending their support.

"So, I decided that I needed to do my best as well."



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