Triumph seeks central London flagship store

Triumph is aiming to launch a new flagship store in the UK, this year.

The lingerie brand is currently seeking a location for the outlet in central London or within a key shopping centre within the greater London area.

“Fingers crossed,” Triumph general manager Oliver Frielingsdorf said, “if everything goes right, we look to open our first store in 2012.

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“It depends so much on the site. The UK is a big market for us. We are looking to expand the business very strategically.”

Triumph is already set to open ‘a big new showroom,’ this year – covering 300 square metres – in London’s Berners Street.

The company will also be moving all its UK commercial positions to the capital, including its marketing, PR, retail, e-commerce and merchandising teams. Customer services will remain at Triumph’s Swindon base.

Triumph will kick off its 2012 marketing campaign, this February, with a consumer launch party for its Essence collection. The event will take place at Selfridges and will be attended by model Helen Christensen.



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