Triumph opens Curve Camp

Triumph has introduced a new exercise regime, called Curve Camp, to help its customers to boost their natural body shape.

Developed exclusively for Triumph by ex military instructors and fitness camp No. 1 Boot Camp, and sport music experts AudioFuel, the Curve Camp regime claims to provide an all-over ‘Shape-cer-size’, designed to boost and create curves.

It targets three core areas to ensure the correct areas are being targeted for optimum shape, sculpting the legs, glutes and abs.

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Combining audio instruction with energising music that has a beat to match, the 30 minute session is designed to lift and firm the muscles in these core areas, creating an overall more desired silhouette.

This unique routine, done regularly, reportedly helps prevent sagging over time and hone areas of the body to accentuate key areas.

The three options include:

1: IN THE PARK – Sign-up for a free outdoor session, held in Hyde Park, London
2: AT HOME – Download the 30 minute MP3 workout to exercise at home
3: ON THE HIGH STREET – Find out more about the latest shape and sports wear



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