Triumph launches Magic Wire bra in New York

Triumph launched its latest lingerie innovation in New York last night.

The brand unveiled the Magic Wire bra to celebrity guests, loyal clients and members of the press at its recently-opened pop-up shop, House of Triumph.

Magic Wire bras are made with a flexible silicone wire designed to ensure a firm yet gentle hold, up to a G cup.

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A built-in mesh stabilizer offers additional support that moves with the body.

The launch is part of Triumph’s Stand Up for Fit campaign, which kicked off last year.

As part of the project, the brand surveyed 12,000 women in seven countries to discover their issues and frustrations when it comes to selecting the perfect-fitting lingerie.

One of the most common complaints about bras is that the underwire digs into the skin, causing discomfort, redness and constant fiddling.

Women demand comfort without losing the support of an underwire, the survey found.

These findings led to the development of the Magic Wire bra, which can be found in Triumph’s Body Make-Up and Shape Sensation Collection.



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