Triumph introduces world’s coolest bra

Triumph Lingerie has introduced a new take on cooling bra technology which incorporates refrigerated gel pads.

The Super Cool Bra is modelled on a mini fishbowl and features a wind chime and a sprig of mint.

A miniature fan and tiny bamboo ladle are also conveniently attached to the product, in case the wearer should want to create a slight breeze or splash their body with water.

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The bra’s gel pads must be placed in a freezer for two hours before they are inserted into the bra. They can be re-used multiple times.

The concept product was reportedly created by Triumph in a bid to reduce the amount of air conditioning used in the country, after last year’s Fukushima nuclear power crisis led to a national power shortage.

Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda said: “The whole nation, especially the Kansai region, is expected to suffer from a shortfall of electricity.

“Companies and families now have to deal with higher electricity bills, so we decided on this theme as we felt we had to increase awareness of saving electricity.”






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