Triumph Inspiration Award fuses east & west

The Triumph Inspiration Award is set to get exotic, this year, with a brand new Dragon & Butterflies concept.

Lingerie and shapewear brand Triumph annually challenges young fashion students from around the globe to let their ‘creativity soar’ with the prestigious competition.

37 countries are participating in the 2012 contest, which will see each national winner compete in a global final in Shanghai.

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This year’s artistic theme is ‘dragons & butterflies,’ a topic that is designed to express the ‘exciting encounter of East Asian and oriental culture meeting the West’.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in China and the mythical creature is revered by the country’s people, representing everything from luck and wealth through to kindness and intelligence.

In contrast, the Chinese butterfly represents love and tenderness. A famous Chinese folk legend, called Liang Zhu, describes two lovers who turn into a pair of coloured butterflies and fly forever side by side in a rainbow-coloured sky.

The UK Triumph Inspiration Award final will take place, this month, in Convent Garden. 





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