TRENDS: Interfiliere SS13

Bursts of Colour are going to be big for SS13, according to a new Evolution trend report released by Interfiliere.

All the experts agree: from the catwalks to the street, the big star today is colour and it is expected to maintain this role for several seasons to come.

From the choice of materials and styles to shop displays and merchandising, it is colour that is setting the tone of the whole fashion landscape.

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And, it is Colour which is driving the revival of the markets for shapewear, for large sizes and for sleepwear.

Ever-faithful to the market, this Evolution guide arrives with a Burst of Colour and highlights the three major colour groups which will drive Summer 2013.


The Trends: Delicious, Fade in Time and Intense



The joy of simple, straightforward, natural things. The freshness of a fine Spring garden with its abundance of flowers that exude the elixir of youth and energy… and the simple pleasure of being pretty!

Fragile but Modern
Cheerful spirits and healthy bodies to very flexible materials. The inspiration is Nature at its rawest and most organic… but with influences from Haute Couture, especially Madame Grès… and with thanks to featherweight and sculptural materials.

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The Simple Life
A nonchalant attitude which leaves a lot to chance, which revels in authenticity and raw elements and is rooted in folklore. The iconic air of the countryside, resolutely casual, the longing to savour every moment, the wealth of authentic details.

Crafted Memories
Authentic archives mingle with state-of-the-art techniques to produce comfort and lightness. Ancient techniques revisited by the today’s know-how: inspirations from wickerwork, Cluny laces and Alençon… weave a new landscape.

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Weekend in the City
Leisure moves Downtown: shopping, culture, nature… the new distractions. A tour of new urban experiences where culture and civilized nature can co-exist…

Tropical Euphoria
The Tropics under new skies, distorted and recreated in the manner of Alexander McQueen. South America at the cutting edge of inspiration: sensual, sun-drenched, the perfumes of the Tropics…

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