Travelling exhibition to explore Leicester’s underwear making history

The industry panel gathered at DMU’s new Vijay Patel building.

De Montfort University will play host to a new exhibition that will chart the history of underwear manufacturing in Leicester, Lingerie Insight has learned.

The exhibition will open at the university in September to mark the 70th anniversary of DMU’s renowned Contour Fashion course, before touring the UK for at least a year.

The full list of venues is yet to be announced.

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Held in conjunction with the Market Harborough-based R & WH Symington collection – the most cohesive collection of corsets in the world – the exhibition will explore the history underwear and pay homage to Leicester’s former corset makers.

Before the Industrial Revolution, textile making in Leicester was often a sideline for farmers, but the dawn of factory mechanisation saw the sector take off.

DMU was once surrounded by lingerie and hosiery factories, including Symington’s, but recessions in the 1970’s and 80’s led to their closure.

These buildings are now encompassed into the university campus.

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