Tiger on the Prowl is roaring success

Fleur of England’s has reported its social media Tiger competition to be a roaring success.

The brand pioneered the viral competition to promote its new Tiger collection.

A new photo postcard, featuring the Tiger bra on its’ ‘world tour,’ was released daily this week across the label’s Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

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A set of its Tiger collection was won every day by the first fan to guess the location of the bra from cryptic clues and photo postcards. Locations included LA, Menorca, Greece and Egypt.

Brand development co-ordinator Suzanne Foster said: "The competition was great fun, our fans really got behind it and the campaign went viral as we had hoped. Our social media stats have been through the roof".

Facebook total reach and ‘talking about’ were up 67 percent and 65 percent respectively, with new followers also at an all time high.





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