Thousands of shoppers sign petition to shut stores on Boxing Day

More than 170,000 consumers have signed a petition for retail stores to remain closed on Boxing Day.

The page has been flooded with comments from supporters who say workers are being “bled dry” by “greedy employers”.

This comes despite consumers spending £1.4bn on Boxing Day last year.

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The petition, called “Stop Shops opening on Boxing Day”, has passed the 100,000 signatures mark, meaning that it will be considered for debate in Parliament. So far, 41 petitions have been debated in the House of Commons.

Ian Lapworth, a baker from Kettering, started the campaign a month ago and is calling for a less commercialised holiday season.

“Forget making money for one day, let’s concentrate on making more memories with the ones we love,” the petition says.





  1. sandra said:

    Surely we can survive one extra day of closure… Staff work themselves silly on the run up to Christmas. They deserve an extra day off.

  2. Dianne said:

    I don’t think shops should open on boxing day let the workers have a day off,the world isn’t going g to stop jus t because shops aren’t open on boxing day ,get a life


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